Small Business Deserves Your Business

We are Chris and Tracy, the owners of The Mean Weenie & The Happy Patty Food Trucks and Catering Company located in Troy, MI. As one of the premier catering food trucks in the Metro Detroit area, we have been honored to be welcomed into your homes (as well as driveways and backyards) to provide foodservice for your moments of celebration. A team with over 30 years of event and catering experience, we focus on highlighting locally made and sourced products. 

We are Michigan Made...Michigan Proud.

With recent events affecting all aspects of our daily routines, from school closures to cancellations of large events and gatherings, we have decided to put our efforts toward helping families by offering delicious, affordable meals designed especially for tight budgets. 

Small Business Deserves Your Business... Many small businesses will need the loving care of the community as we continue to provide quality foodservice, as well as jobs for our staff. Trying times are always easier with a little of the daily load taken off your back.


We are here to offer the ability for families to come together to enjoy mealtime with foods from local small business owners. All meals are made in our catering kitchen, fully licensed by the State of Michigan, through the Oakland County Health Dept. 


Let us do the work for you. 

Take a Deep Breath.  

Enjoy a Meal and Relax.


We got this part of your life covered.

Chris & Tracy



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